Once you've created your Item Types and Actions, you're ready to create your first Rule!

Rules allow you to automate your Trust & Safety enforcement. When you send us an Item, we run it through all of your Rules, and those Rules can trigger Actions.

How to Create a Rule

  1. Navigate to the Rules tab
  2. Click "Create Rule" in the top right corner
  3. Enter a name, and optionally a description
  4. Select which Item Types your Rule should run on. We'll only ever run this Rule if we receive an Item that fits one of the Item Types you selected.
  1. Construct your Rule's Conditions. Conditions are where the main logic of the Rule lives. The Rule in the image above has two Conditions, combined with the conjunction 'OR':
  • If the Item's text contains "some bad word" or "other bad phrase"


  • If any of the Item's images scores greater than 0.9 on Amazon Rekognition's Nudity model

    Conditions allow you to customize what types of harm and abuse you'd like to detect, and how strict your enforcement will be. You can choose which Signals to use, and which thresholds to set for those Signals.

  1. Select the Action(s) that should get triggered if an Item matches the Conditions. We'll automatically trigger those Actions for you.
    You can think of Conditions and Actions as parts of a conditional statement:
    "If Conditions are true, then apply Actions".
  2. Optionally assign Policies to your Rule so you can measure how well you're enforcing across each Policy.
    Note: for companies with users in the EU, if you must comply with the Digital Services Act, you should select at least one Policy for each rule to meet your transparency reporting obligations.
  3. Click "Create Rule"