Here are all possible API response codes you can receive from Cove:

Success Codes:

Response CodeDescription
202When you successfully submit an Item to Cove through our Item API, we'll respond with a 202 success code.
204When you successfully submit a Report to Cove through our Report API, we'll respond with a 204 success code.
200When you successfully send a GET request to our Policies API or User Quality Scores API, we'll respond with a 200 success code, along with the proper response payload.

Error Codes:

Response CodeDescription
400Invalid Request: The request we received was invalid. This could be because it was malformed, or the Item in the request was invalid (e.g. we couldn't find the Item for which you submitted a Report.
401 or 403Authentication Failure: Your API key was either not provided, was not valid, or has expired.
429API Rate Limit Exceeded: Every customer has a quota on how many requests they can send to Cove per day. If you hit this error, please contact us at [email protected] and we can increase your quota.
500 or 503Cove Internal Error: Something went wrong in Cove's internal systems. Typically, these issues are transient, and you can retry the request.
502 or 504Cove Dependency Error: This occurs when one of Cove's external dependencies (e.g. AWS) is experiencing issues. You can retry requests, and if the error persists, please contact [email protected] for assistance.