Policies are categories of harm that are prohibited or monitored on your platform. Some typical examples include Spam, Hate, Harassment, Violence, etc.

Policies can have sub-policies underneath them, so the Violence policy could have sub-policies Graphic Violence, Threats of Violence, Encouragement and Celebration of Violence, etc., all of which are specific types of Violence that could occur on your platform.

It is often useful (and in some cases, required by the EU's Digital Services Act) to tie every Action you take to one or more specific Policies. For example, you could Delete a comment under your Hate policy, or you could Delete it under your Spam policy. Cove allows you to track those differences and measure how many Actions you've taken for each Policy. That way, you can see how effectively you're enforcing each Policy over time, identify Policies for which your enforcement is poor or degrading, and report performance metrics to your leadership (or to regulators).

How to Create a Policy

  1. Navigate to the Policies tab
  2. Click "Add your first policy"
  3. Type in the name of your Policy, and input the definition of the Policy if you have one (or click "Generate Policy Definition" if you'd like us to generate one for you)
  4. Select the "User Penalty" level.
  5. Click "Save"

Once you create your first Policy, you can always add additional ones by clicking any of the "+" buttons.