3rd Party API Integrations

Cove is a central platform that lets you connect to any Trust & Safety API. Once you connect to Cove, you'll never have to build another Trust & Safety API integration again.

What Is An Integration?

An "Integration" in Cove is a connection to a third party Trust & Safety service, like Thorn, Amazon Rekognition, Perspective, etc.

You can use these services to detect harm and abuse directly through Cove, instead of building the integrations yourself.

How It Works

Cove sits between you and these third party integrations. When you send an Item to Cove, we can forward it to whichever third party service(s) you'd like and help you take actions based on their responses.

Supported Integrations

We currently support the following Integrations:

...with others coming soon! If you don't see an Integration that you'd like us to add, please reach out to [email protected]

Using Your Own API Key

If you already use any of these Trust & Safety providers, you can continue to use them through Cove. Some Integrations are available right away without requiring any work from you. Others require you to input your existing API credentials into Cove so that we can send your content to those providers on your behalf.

To add your existing API credentials for any of our Integrations:

  1. Navigate to our Integrations Dashboard
  2. Click on the Integration for which you'd like to input your API credentials
  3. Input your API credentials in the form
  4. Click "Save"

You should now be able to use this Integration when you build Rules!