User Quality Scores API

User Quality Scores are Cove's mechanism to track a User's behavior over time. The scores range from 1 (worst-behaved users) to 5 (best-behaved users), where every user starts with a score of 5 when they sign up. Users are given penalties based off of moderation actions taken on them, with a heavier penalty being applied for more severe violations. You may want to programmatically access these User Quality Scores in order to use them for some business logic like rate limiting the amount of posts they can make. You can fetch an individual user's User Score through our API.

Fetching Your Policies

To send a request to the User Quality Scores API, you can simply send a GET HTTP request to with your API Key in the request header, with the following params:

idStringYour unique identifier for the user that you use when you send them to our Item API.
typeIdStringThe User Item Type ID that you can find in your Item Types Dashboard.

Example Response

The response will simply be the User Quality Score for the user that you're querying for, for example: